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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Carnival vs The Celestial Kingdom

February 23, 2015

AHHHHHHH we have changes today!!  Is that what they are called in the US of A??   I actually really don't know what they are called because sometimes when I translate something directly it is really off.  But changes just mean changes.  New compies, new leaders, and lots of stress.  Well, we got a call this morning that the changes would not be in our emails but, that we would have to wait until 10ish and call the Zone Leaders, and they would have the changes.  It was a really, really, long morning!!  We waited, and waited, and waited!!  I found out that I need to work more on my patience!!  But anywho, 10 rolls around and we called, and of course, there were 10 other sets of missionaries calling, and so, we waited a little more!!  We finally got the message.  Elder Enriquez is going to Juliaca and I am staying here but I have to go to Cuzco tomorrow for training.  I am the new District Leader.  Talk about STRESS!!

Anyway this was a really wild week in our sectors.  This month there are carnivals, just not the carnivals that you are thinking of with all the cute little rides for the kids.  Nope!  Just wild parades and what not.  Kids running around with "spray"
This is the spray.  Kinda like silly string but. . . 
not really!
and water balloons.  Carnival was in our sector this week and that made it kind of hard for us to work.  We had to be really careful in the streets because there are always kids who are up on their roofs with water balloons and they think it is real funny to hit the missionaries.  But we still worked hard.
Carnival mask on Elder George
We have our investigator Franky.  He is 16 years old and really excited to be baptized.  He will be baptized this Saturday.  We've had a lesson with him just about everyday for the past 2 weeks.  He is reading the Book of Mormon and is following through with all of his commitments. He is a really awesome young man and is just the little bit of spirit that I've needed.  We have a lesson with his mom this week and we are PUMPED about that.  We always like teaching families whole, and not just one person!!  It is much better when you can teach a whole family because, when you baptize a whole family, they have the opportunity to go to the temple and be sealed FOREVER!!!

When we were in district meeting, one of the elders said, "Ya, I like to imagine my investigators in the baptismal font."  I decided that I was going to be a little sassy and said, "Ya, well, I like to imagine them in the Temple."  And then, of course, Elder Enriquez says, "Ya, in my mind, I think of them in white in the celestial kingdom!"  At first I was laughing, just thinking of it as a joke.  But in my personal study I was thinking about that.  If all missionaries had that mind set, that we are literally offering these people eternal life, not just baptism, we would really have more success.  So I have started doing that more and thinking of these people not only in the baptismal font, but in the celestial kingdom.

I have been reading Jesus the Christ and have learned so much.  It is hard to understand sometimes but the doctrine is so cool!!  My testimony of the Savior has been strengthened so much and I can see myself growing as a person.  I have a greater appreciation for Jesus and his atoning sacrifice and love for us!!

This is my week in a nutshell and I don't really have anything more.  Love you all and hope that you all have as good of a week as me!!

Love Elder George!!

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