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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

♥Franky♥ Contacting Families - It's the Best!

February 16, 2015


Well this week was really good!  There is so much work for the 2 of us.  You all know that we are working in 2 sectors and that means lots of lessons, and teaching, which is really, really, good.  We are working really hard and seeing little improvements here and there in out ward and branch.

This week the work is going to be really awesome!  We are working with Franky almost everyday and he is learning a lot.  The other day in one of our lessons he told us how supportive his mom is of what he is doing and his decision to get baptized.  I asked him why we were not teaching her too, if she is so supportive, and he told me that he had asked the same question the other day.  We have an appointment with both of them this week.  He has his interview this week and he is really nervous.  We have to explain to everyone that it really isn't an interview, but more just a gospel discussion.  We had a lesson this morning with him where we talked about Thomas S. Monson.  It really blows my mind that people have a problem with living day (His words not mine.  Does he mean latter day or living - - you choose!  Or just smile and go with it.) prophets.  They have a problem that there is a man, called of God, on the earth, who also talks with God and receives revelation for us?  Blows my mind!   I think that a prophet makes sense really.

This week we had a goal to contact 15 families in the street.  THAT IS A TON!!!  The week before we contacted 2, yeah....  For it to be a family, it has to be a mom, dad, and at least one of the kids.  It is a lot harder than it sounds.  And I actually am a little scared to just walk up to someone who doesn't speak English and just have a conversation believe to or not.  Ha ha.  But we did it!  We contacted 15 families in the street.  It is a cool thing; contacting families.  You can share your testimony of the family and how you know that they can be together forever if they apply the teachings of Jesus Christ in their lives.  You have two minutes to bear testimony and (more or less) convince them that this is the truth!  I love contacting families now.

On Wednesday I went on divisions (exchanges) with our District Leader.  I was in his sector and he was in mine.  We had a lesson with a guy they call Señor Thomas and Elder Chota says, "He speaks really good English." I started to laugh a little because the people here who speak "English," usually only know 10 or 15 words.  I was pleasantly surprised when we got to the lesson and he spoke PERFECT English.  PERFECT!!!!!!!!!  It was really cool because he asked me to teach the parts that I was going to teach in English.  It is weird to teach in English, but it was a good break too!!  When we were in the lesson I forgot how to say "Persevere hasta al fin," (we believe he means "Endure to the end), holy cow, how embarrassing Hahaha!!!

I am just about half way through the Book of Mormon in Spanish.  I started at about the middle of January!  I feel like my Spanish has improved so much in such little time.  I still have a long way to go but it is coming.

It is a weird thing on  mission.  I don't know how to describe it.  I see all these pictures of everybody and I feel like everybody should just wait 2 years for me.  But at the same time, I want everybody to grow and learn with me.  It is a weird feeling, a little distanced, but I know that this is the work of the Lord, and that this is where I need to be.

Much love and take care,
Elder George

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