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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Questions Answered ♥♥

Like I have said before he is not much into answering questions.  So once in a while I will send 5 and hope that he answers.  Out of the once in a while that I send them he "once in a while" will answer!

Kelly George
To Gabriel George Mar 29
1 - When are transfers?

2 - Do you ever play the piano?

3 - Are you still getting my letters?  The handwritten ones?

4 - Would you like me to send more pictures?  If so do you want me to send hard copies in the handwritten letters or do you want me to attach them to emails?

5 - Dad is wondering if you would like us to write something different.  Do our letters fulfill your needs or do you need us to do something different when we write?

6 - Is there anything else I need to know to make your days on your mission better?

Just listening to the girls as they watch youtube and heard, Would you look at that?!?!   There is a channel called "Good Mythical Morning."  Have you seen it?  If not they can hardly wait to show you when you get home.  I have to admit they do make me laugh sometimes!

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Gabriel George
To Kelly George Mar 30

1. Next  Monday
2. Every Sunday in both wards - all 4 songs.  HUGE  SHOUT OUT to our beloved Sister Allen (his piano teacher)!!!
3. Yes most of them.  I am missing a few thanks to the office of the mission.
4. I like any pictures I get in letters - handwritten or in Email.
5. Your letters are the best.  And yes, I print them off every now and again.
6. I am doing really good!!!

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