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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Go a Little Further Than We Think We Can = Blessing

August 3, 2015

Let me just tell you all something, I love teaching English to the kids here - it is a total....hoot!!!  Hahaha, but really, it is so much fun!!! They are so cute and it is just really, really, fun for me!!!

This week was okay.  Sometimes I get discouraged with the appointments falling through and the investigators not coming to church or keeping their commitments.  But what is new?  That is the mission, right?  And it says in Preach My Gospel that you can be sad, but don't let that keep you from working.  So for now I will just be a little sad!!

This week was a hard week for my comp.  He hit 22 months and he got TRUNKY!!  Yeah 22 months, was all he could say.  I am sure that when I hit 22 months I will be happy, but, I will never stop working.  I will work until my very last day.  My very last minute.  I will serve for the full 24 months.  But ANYWAYS.......yeah!!

Tuesday was a sad day for Elder George.  I had worked so hard to get a appointment for every hour of the day on Tuesday and I was really, really, excited for this day.  But something went wrong and we didn't teach one person.  We walked around for 7 hours without a single lesson!!!  Those are really hard days.  You just feel like Satan is really working on you and you just have to gut through the day without much to enjoy - the whole day.

Wednesday he got mad at me because we had walked all day the day before and he refused to leave the room, hahaha.  Lucky me right!!!!

Thursday every thing was made right!!  We found a few new people to teach.  We found a couple that we have fix our ripped pants.  That happens more than it should hahaha!!  But we contacted them and they shut their shop and let us teach them right then.  It was miracle.  Everything had been going bad. We just need to go a little further and that is when we are blessed - when we go just a little bit further than we think that we can.

Friday and Saturday were the same we walked a lot and then he would get tired and we would go back to the room.  But Sundays are always good because we have to work!!  It is the day for the Lord, so that usually gets him to work, if I say that hahah!!!

Anyways that was my week nothing too special!

Love Elder George

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