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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Confidence of a Loving Heavenly Father

August 24, 2015

How are you all doing my friends?  Slowly things are getting better!!  But it is still a little discouraging!!  I am just trying to be me and to love him.  If I can learn to love him, he can learn to love me for who I am too.  But really!!  No?  I felt like I have been a different person to please other people latley, what an idiot I am!!!  I know hahah!!!

Tuesday was alright!  We didn´t get too much done because I was trying to get things oganized for a little District thing.  I had an interview with one of the investigators of the sisters, and it was one of my most favorite interview I have had on the mission.  It was really special.  I relized in that interview how much confidence our Heavenly Father really has in us - his missionaries.  He allows a 19 year old, snot nosed, kid from Idaho, help determine if somebody is ready for baptism. That is a stinking lot of confidence, no?

Wednesday we went out working in the morning and that was pretty dang fun.  I think that it was one of the first times that we have actually talked wile walking down the street.  It helped a lot.  People could see that we were happy and our contacts went a lot better.  We were even able to enter a house of some guy we were talking to.  I don´t think this man will ever get baptized but I know that we planted a seed.  He will remember that visit all his life.  He will remember how he felt the spirit, it is something that nobody can deny.  When you feel him talking to you, you just know that it is him.  You can deny that you felt something, but that won´t do you any good.  You should just admit that you felt the spirit and get baptized hahah!!!

Thursday we helped our leaders of the zone with an activity in their ward the whole day.  It was kind of fun, but at the same time I kinda felt like it was a waste of our time.  Before that we played marbles with Carla, her brother, and her aunt that we have been teaching.  It is a game that is definitely from South America but it was really fun!!  I lost - but it was really fun.  I mean what can you expect?  I am playing with all Latinos, and they have played this game their whole lives.  But I am getting better!!!
Elder George LOVES the children!

Friday we stopped by one of our investigators house named Jonathan!  He is 19 years old and he is AWESOME!  He loves music and plays guitar really well.  He also plays the drums!!!  I suck at the drums!!!  But it is always fun to visit him.  Before we start we play  guitar, piano, and drums all together.  It is always a good way to gain confidence, trust, and have a little fun.  One of the member visited with us and was kind of mad that we played for 5 minutes before the lesson.  I just asked him if he thought that Jesus never had fun while he was here on the earth.  He just said
"Tiene razón."  (Google translate says "He's right.")  I WIN!!!  Hahaha!

Saturday was one of his lazy days and we didn't do too much but I got some good reading in.  I love the sciptures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"When I get really bored I take some MAD selfies!!!!"
Sunday we met a less active youth in our ward, well not really youth, he is 20 years old.  But he came up to us and said he wants to serve a mission.  He is the best.  His name is Julio Cesas.  So our goal is to help him get out in the mission. He is going to come on visits with us and we are going to learn together!!  That is something that I would tell all the youth to do - go out with the missionaries.  We would be so much more prepared and be able to help other so much better!!!

That is about all I have for you!!

I love you all!!

Love Elder George

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