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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

♥♥Claudio!♥♥ and LOVE - It's All Just About LOVE

April 27, 2015

Okay, okay, okay!!  This week was a good one!
Zone Conference
And lots of walking.

So first off we had our multi-zone conference.  It is always good when we get to have one of those.
Elder Balliston from his CCM group!  He loves his Brothers!
 We get to spend a whole afternoon listening to President and Sister Harbertson.  I really do love those guys!!   Sister Harbertson talked a lot about the first two commandments.  Love the Lord with all your heart, might, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor like unto yourself.  I have been thinking a lot about before the mission, and how, when I asked Dad about what was the most important he said, "What it all really boils down to is LOVE."  That is the purpose of our life.  To learn to love.  Love unconditionally.  If I can learn that here in Peru I will be a successful missionary.  If I can truly love the drunk guy who gets drunk after he has told us that he won't drink, or if I can love the person that says that they will read the Book of Mormon and doesn't, then I will truly be successful.  We were given time to share our testimonies.  Lots of missionaries talked about repentance because we also talked about that lots.  A few were sharing how hard it is to love people.  Then I got up there to share what I had learned and what I liked.  In my mind I had planned on talking about repentance.  But when I was up there I started talking about love, and how, if we can see the people the way our Father in Heaven sees them, it really isn't that hard to love everybody!!

Anywasy, (See, "anywasy" - - he almost always types "anywasy" - - along with lots of other misspelled words (see previous post).  One of the many reasons why he makes us smile.) yeah, we need to love everybody!!!!!

Our little man Claudio!
Yeah we got Claudio Baptized!!  It was a good day.  We spent lots of time in the church trying to get the water heated up but finally gave up and just thought that he and the ward baptism would just have to be in cold water.  Then we went into another room to watch some Mormon messages. (we left the broken water heater on for 4 hours).  Anyway, everybody was there and we opened up the door, and it was like a hot tub.  We had to drain hot water and put some cold water in there for the baptism.  The little guys couldn't handle how hot the water was.  "Anywasy," the moral of the story is, when you are obedient and in the Lord's service he works miracles and sends tender mercies.

This week we walked a lot trying to find new people.  We are having a hard time filling up our schedule.  It is sad that we are in a ward and don´t have a FULL planner.  We will keep working.

Elder Goerge (Yup, he even sometimes messes up his name - just a little.)

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