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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Anywasy"; Little Claudio; Favorite Food; Woman

April 20, 2014

So I figures that I will start calling my emails The Weekly's!!  Weird yes I know but think about it, it is like a weekly newspaper of my life.  A news paper that people actually like to read hahaha!!

Anywasy (I always fix this when I am editing his blog but he always writes "anywasy" for anyways.  Lacey and I have just started saying "anywasy" cuz it makes us laugh.  It is kind of like when you have a little 2 year old that calls a pacifier a "gaga" or reeces peanut butter cups "sayers" and the whole family just goes with it.  Anywasy, that has nothing to do with anything except it makes us laught!) this week was as good as a week can get.  I finally figured out that everything has to do with your attitude. Really though.  EVERYTHING.  If you have a good attitude about things people will be more attracted to you and you will have more success.  This week I had a goal to always have a smile on my face.  It works people.  We were in the street and someone asked me if I was OK?  We had walked by this park like 4 times in 30 minutes because we didn't really have anything to do.  We were just walking around and she had seen us a few times.  I just told her that I was happy and she asked me why, if I was just walking around with nothing to do!!  Haha little did she know that we had a message that could literally save her.  She was really polite, and we got her number and address, and have an appointment in a few days.  She told me that it was nice to just see someone smiling and being happy.  I have a goal to always have a smile!!

This week we also taught a little guy named Claudio.  He is 9 years old and his sister just got home for her mission 2 and a half months ago.  I had thought that he was baptized; that he was a member.  He has always come to church with his sister, so you can´t really blame me for that.  He really is at every church activity and is working on his family history with us.  So I rightfully thought that he was baptized.  We went to go visit him and his first question was "Why am I not baptized?"  We just said, "Well, I don't know."  His sister proceeded to explain that it was a problem with his parents.  They were really anti until about 6 months ago.  His dad then walked into the room and said that if he would be responsible he could be baptized.  I didn't want the opportunity to go buckets, so I pulled out a sheet for him to sign, and so now we have the signature and he is going to be baptized this Saturday!  I have seen so many miracles in the mission but this is one of those that I will never forget.  It was one of the first times we were let into their house, and I know it was because his dad was ready.

So you want to know what food I really like here.  When you guys hear what it is you are going to just shake your head.  I don't know if it will be out of shame that you never thought of this, or out of shame that you know me.  It is called Salchi Papa.  Translated that is Hot-dog Potato.  It is french fries and fried hot-dogs.  Man it is good!  With some ketchup and mustard.  Believe it or not it is pretty dang good.  Try it sometime!!  Not too bad really.  Another thing that I like is called Salchipollo.  Just replace the hot dog with a piece of fried chichen!!  GOOD STUFF!!

So this week I read in Jesus the Christ about the term Woman.  It really should not be offensive.  It is a name that is used with a Woman in your life who you have the highest respect for.  So just to let you all know when somebody calls you "Woman" the really just respect you lots.  They really are not trying to offend you.  Just if you do get offended, you should just sucker punch them right in the mouth.

I hope and with that everyone is doing well and having a great time without me!!! ;)  Stay strong read your scriptures and keep on keeping on!!

Love Elder George

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