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Monday, May 4, 2015

I Will Never Be Able to Repay My Savior For the Blessing of Peru!

May 4, 2015

Well here I am in this little internet cafe and I am panicking because I kind of forgot that I get to call my family on Sunday and I don't know what time I will be calling them.  So I am like freaking out and a little disappointed in myself.  Like, how could I possibly forget that I get to call my family?!?!  LIKE REALLY, IT IS MY FAMILY!!!!  Haha!  Anyway, I will have to figure something out real quick!!
Sometimes when I really, really miss my mommy I just buy a 4
sole candy bar and split it with my comp just like she always
did with me !!!!!!!! :)

This week was......good.  Every week is good but some are a little better - but every week is good!!  This week for 4 days straight we didn´t teach one lesson.  It was a lot of walking and I had a lot of time to just think and talk to my companion.  I really am going to miss this little guy when I have a change.  I will have a transfer in 2 weeks.  So this week I am going to tell you guys all about my companion!!!  And a little about me.

Elders George and Garcia
He is from Colombia.  One of his favorite sayings, that he writes all over my papers and his papers, is "Colombia the other planet."  He really is in love with Colombia.  He is shorter that just about everybody I know in the United States.  He has 3 siblings that he knows of, but he says that his dad is a little crazy(drunk) and he probably has more, he just doesn't know them.  He loves soccer. .  . . LOTS!!  He has been a member for 5 years and 22 days.  He loves the Book of Mormon.  He doesn't love the Bible as much as he loves the Book of Mormon.  Sometimes, he blames me when his Spanish is not perfect (I just tell him that he just doesn't know Spanish).  He wants to learn English really badly so he can come go to BYU and marry a North American girl.  He like white chicks.  He HATES eating bread in the mornings.

This is my companion.  Now you know a little more about who I am with 24/7!!
We have no idea what's on his mouth!!  It is a little disturbing!
This week we walked a lot and I thought  a lot about.....well, I thought about a lot of things.  Sometimes when you are a missionary thinking about a lot of things isn't so good.  So yes, I was a little trunky this week, haha.  But really I don´t want to come home for a long, long, time.  Actually, it was really weird; we were studying (we will both go home at the same time) and my companion said, "You know that we go home in 15-16 months."  I literally started crying.  Time flies by here.  I never thought that I would love this place so much but I really, really, LOVE it here. I will never be able to pay my Savior back for this time.  I thought at the beginning of the mission,that this is how I was paying him back for the life he has given me.  However, I have found that I just owe Him more, thanks to the mission.

Well it is hard to have fun stories to send home when all you did was walk and walk and walk a little more.  I am sure something crazy will happen this week!!

Love Elder George

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