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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Start of Winter and It's COLD! But That is Better Than Investigators Dropping You! : (

April 13, 2015

It really is crazy one more week!!  The week go by so fast that I don´t know what to do.  I really do love the mission.  It is crazy!  Elder Garcia HATES Puno because it is so dang cold and his head is always hurting because of the cold.  He really wants a transfer and thinks that I will be here one more change.  That would make for a lot of time here in Puno. :)  I will be really sad when I leave and don't  really know how I will react to a new ward and a new place.  I can only be thankful for the time that I was given here in my first sector.

This week was kind of a hard week here.  It is the beginning of winter and it is really cold.  I rains pretty much every night here and that makes for a colder afternoon and night.  We would have an appointment and then, of course, they wouldn't be there.  Or it would be, "It's really cold and we just don´t have time."  Or some other lame excuse.  Sometimes this week I was tempted to get frustrated and even be mad, but then I remembered how important it is to have a smile.  We have a message that can literally change lives, and if we don´t have a smile and are not happy how can we expect others to accept our message.

We had 5 investigators drop us this week and that really was the worst part.  The weather and all of that is not too bad.  I can deal with that,  But when you see somebody so close to getting an answer to their questions, and then just say that they don´t want anything to do with what you have, it is a little sad.  You grow to love everybody that you teach and it is really hard when you get that news.

That really is about all that happened this week.  It was a really plain week. Nothing really crazy happened, you know, just the normal.  Talked with a lot of drunk people and had them tell me that they want to change and be a better person.

Love Elder George

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