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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Time - A Precious Gift and Saving a Dog

January 26, 2015

Well another week down in the life of Gabe the Missionary!!!  It is so weird - time in the mission - I know that I have said this before but time really is one of the most weird things that Heavenly Father created.  It is also one of the most precious gifts we have been given!!  I have learned that more in the mission than ever before.  Time is one thing that we can never get or give back!!!  I have this week, decided to be a more dedicated missionary and use my time more wisely.  And when I have time with someone I want to really help them.  I want to do everything in my power to make every moment count!

So first off my new compy.  Well, his name is Elder Osinaga as you know and yeah.  This week I found out that he doesn´t really like America or Americans for that matter.  That's a bit of a problem that I can't really change about myself.  We are trying to work through that.  He doesn´t like talking to me because while we were in the office in Cusco this week the secretary told us that I am the senior companion.  He doesn´t like that very much considering that I am not fluent in Spanish and he is Latin.  Oh well we are just working as co-companions for now.  I just told him that we are are just going to be co-companions and that has been helping.

So this week we were in a house with a family and the lesson was going great.  We were feeling the spirit.  We were teaching this family's children about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost and persevering (i.e. also known as "enduring") to the end.  PERFECT!!  Then the mom asked us how she could feel the spirit more.  Normal, right?  Wrong!  She proceeded to tell us that she has seen four spirits - but bad spirits.  Great!  NOT!!  We are both pretty new missionaries and didn´t exactly know what to do.  We just sat there in silence for a little bit.  We then said a prayer with all of the family and finished the lesson.  We talked about how we could give her a blessing.  This was a good way to finish up.  We gave her a blessing and went on our way.  This Sunday she was at sacrament meeting (she is a less active) and she told us that she has been feeling better and hasn´t had any problems since our visit!!  We were really happy.

Later that day we went to an appointment and we passed this dog that was on this cement column and he was really stuck.  He was whining and whimpering but we had an appointment and couldn´t help him.  So after we taught the restoration to a teenager(it was awesome),  we were walking to a member's house and this poor dog was just really, really, sad still stuck on the column.  I told my companion that I was going to save that dog.  Even after what the terrible dog species has done to me I still have pity on the poor helpless things.  It was a fairly big dog and I had a pretty hard time lifting that little guy up.  The coulmn was about 7 feet tall.  But I saved that little dog.  That is a really lame story you would have to be there to know how awesome it really was!! (Side note:  All we are really sure of is that he saved a dog!  We have no idea how exactly but we will take his word for it that it was awesome!!)
 So sometimes he sends us these random pictures and leaves it up to us
 to figure out what they are.  I am pretty sure that the ones with him in it are the 
ruins he was talking about.  This one does not look like it was taken on the same
 day.  Maybe our cute friend Kenzie Irvine will it and be able to shed some like on it! ;)
Got a message from Kenzie, Thanks cute girl!!  This is what she said,  "Hey I 
can tell you where he is!!!!  I'm not sure about the last picture because that could be anywhere
in Puno but he's in Sullustani!!!  It's where they would bury their mummies!!!!!
Today was P-day and we went to some ruins.  They were pretty cool.  Not much to say about them but they were cool.  Who knew that a bunch of big rocks stacked up on top of each other could be so dang cool!!!

Anyway, that is my week in a net shell (We suppose he meant nutshell but net shell makes us smile!)

Love always

Elder George

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