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Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas in Peru!! ♥♥

December 29, 2014

What a week really!!!

Before the mission I had thought that Christmas in the mission would really suck and be really sad.  I know I was wrong and I probably had one of the best Christmases of my life.  It was really that good!!!!  I had one of the funnest weeks of my mission and kind of gave me that greenie spark back.  We worked really hard on Christmas Eve and we taught 3 new families and had a total of 6 lessons taught.  That was a new record for us.

CHRISTMAS DAY WAS THE BEST!!!  It was just like any regular day in the morning really, but later it got so good.  In the morning I woke up at 630, worked out, and had a pretty regular morning - didn't really think anything of it.  Studies and all that jazz.  But after a really good lunch we had the opportunity to go to the orphanage and just serve the little kids there.  A lot of the kids are really really naughty but what can you expect; they don´t have any parents.  It was really sad.  But some of the other kids are just so cute and innocent.  One of my favorite little girl about 5 years old, her name was. . . shoot I forgot her name but it is in my journal.
She made this the best Christmas EVER!
  She just sat on my lap and hung out with me.  She took out my wallet and looked at all my little pictures that I had.  She thought that all my sisters looked the same and she said that my parents looked really nice.  She said that Sierra is really pretty and that I am lucky to have a best friend that is a girl because girls are better than boys.  That made me laugh really hard.  I just smiled and told her that I was pretty lucky.

The days following were not the best.  Appointments fell through but it didn't even matter.  Christmas reminded me why I am on a mission.  I am here for my wonderful family.  For my really good friends.  But what I am really out here for is for Jesus. He has blessed me with the life that I have and with the atonement.  When I was studying, I read about the atonement and realized, that sometime we have to do things that we don´t always want to.  I love the mission, but sometimes I have to talk to a family in the street and don´t really want to.  But I just remember that Jesus didn't really want to perform the atonement, but he did it because he loves us and that is what I learned this week.

One of the Floating Islands

Elders Cueto and George on the Floating Islands

We got to go to the floating island and village this week.  It was a cool experience.  Life is different when you live on a lake.  You don't live the same.  So the islands are not really islands but a bunch of reeds all bound together in a big group.  But it works!!  I don´t have lots of time so I will write more about this next week

I love you all and thank you for your prayers and love.  Hand written letters are awesome!!!

Love Elder George

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