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Monday, January 12, 2015

I Love Puno! I Get to Stay & Elder Cueto Goes to Cuzco

January 12, 2015

The changes are in and Elder Cueto is going to Cuzco.  He is going top be the Leader of the Zone there.  I am really happy for him.  He is really excited for this change.  I think that it will be good for him and his family and all the things that are going on in his family.

This week was really good.  We continue to work as hard as we possibly can!!  The success will come, I know that it will.  We feel a little hopeless sometimes when every appointment falls through and people are a little rude, or mean, but we know why we are here.
Elder George in Puno, Peru

We continue to work with Maritza, Bryan, Diago, and Family Farfan.  Maritza has a boyfriend who doesn't like the church at all and so that makes our job lots harder.  We try to visit her, but she is always at her boyfriend's house.  We will continue to try to help her and not lose her.  Bryan is a son of a less active member and we are working with the whole family to re-activate them as well as baptize Bryan.  The lessons are sometime a little bit crazy because Bryan has a really hard time paying attention.

Diago is also a son of a less active lady.  His mom's name is Evodocia.  She is a really awesome and sweet lady who really loves the missionaries but just lost touch with the church after "her" missionaries left.  That is really sad to me; when someone doesn't have any friends in the church and that is why they leave.  We are working on getting her friends in the ward and re-activating her, her daughter, and her son.  Diago talked with his dad during his Christmas stay with him and his dad put a bunch of bad stuff in that little kids head.  It is sad to see that too. We continue to pray and help him.

Family Farfan are AWESOME!!  The mom of the family heard the lessons when she was 17 and went to church for 3 years but was never baptized.  She told us during the first lesson that her husband was a little different and would never accept the church.  We told her that we were up for the challenge.  She told us good luck.  We met her husband in the second visit and he is awesome!  He works in the tourist industry and his English is just about perfect.  We visit with him lots right now because his wife and 2 kids are traveling so he is really lonely.  He does sometimes think a little differently but he is so awesome.  He told us the other night that something is different when we are at his house.  Afterwards we had a AWESOME lesson about the holy ghost and how he could have that all the time in his life after baptism.  He would help our little branch so much.

This week we were walking down the street at night, it was raining, and what do you know, Elder Cueto stepped on a nail.  Went right through his shoe and into his foot.  It was a bummer really!!!  Bad way to start the week.  He couldn't really work hard because of all the walking that is necessary so I ended up with other missionaries all week.  We taught and did all the normal missionary stuff.

Don't quite know what to say about this goofy looking pic!
We switched pensions for the month and maybe forever.  She is so awesome.  All her food is sooo good.  I feel 234563474536342 times better.  I am hardly ever sick now and, well yeah, it is WAY BETTER!!

We are having a special conference this week and the missionaries all know what is happening.  They are combining wards here to make stronger branches and a much stronger stake.  This kind of thing is really exciting when you are a missionary - it is kind of big news.  Like if there was a news station for missionary's this would be at the top of the list!!!

I never thought that I would come to love this place as much as I do.  It really is incredible what the Lord can do with a heart of a person when we let Him.  He can completely change you if you willing and allow Him to.  That really is the key, you have to allow him to change you.  I studied chapter 6 in Predicar Mi Evangelio  (Preach My Gospel) this week.  It has definitely become my favorite chapter.  The attribute that I am going to try to master in the next 2 years is Paciencia (Patience).  I know that it is almost impossible to "master" the attributes of  Christ but I am going to try and work on all the rest of them along the way as well.

We had a Reunion of the Zone today and they kind of put us all in our place.  I thought that I was a really obedient missionary but they showed me that there is always something that you can d to be better.  They say NO chatting though e-mail with anyone.  That made me a little sad but this is a rule from the Prophet and I want to be the most obedient that I possibly can.  President Harbertson told everybody that this is a really important rule for him so I am going to OBEY.

"Y yo debo obedecer" (. . .For thus had the Lord commanded me and I must obey. Amen) 
2 Nefi 33. 15

I love you all and hope you had as splendid a week as I did!!  No dogs this week but dogs are literally EVERYWHERE!  They just live on the street and eat garbage.  They are really ugly and so very annoying.  I will be happy when I get home where our little dogs are clean and I can snuggle up with Annie and Meisje.

Elder George

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