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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lost in Puno!!! New Companion!! An Infected Bite!

January 20, 2015

What a week!  It really has been a different week!   We had changes this last week and I got a companion named Elder Osinaga.  He is also form Santa Cruz Bolivia and we are from the same group - - like we were in the CCM at the same time as each other.  We get along pretty well but, he is a little different and I sometimes let him get on my nerves, which I have no idea why because as I have previously said, I am working on patience (tee hee - he spelled it "patients" but I corrected it).  But yeah, it is a work in progress.

This week was an adventure.  I was with Elder Thacker for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because both of our companions were coming to us from somewhere else and both of our companions were leaving.  So we traveled back and forth between his and my sector on all of those days.  It is a little far and we were using "combies."   That is the busing system down here.  I really have no idea how the combies work.  Elder Thacker is suppose to know how they work so I would just get on whatever bus he told me to.  He told me that this one bus was the one that would take us to his sector.  So we got on and it was defiantly not going to our sector.   But he said that he had faith that it would get us there.  We were on this combie for about 20 minutes when finally we were the last ones on and the bus stopped.  And then they told us that we had to get off and we couldn't ride anymore.  We were lost!!!!!!!!!  In Puno ALONE!!!!!!!!!  Haha!  We waved down a taxi and told him where we wanted to go.  He just started laughing and told us that was a really long ways away.  We told him we know and explained the situation and he thought that it was really funny.  He drove us there and then didn't charge us because he was a member and a really good guy.  We saw him driving around the next day and he pulled over and asked us if we were lost it was really funny.

My new companion is a good guy.  While he was in Puerto, his last sector, he was in the jungle and got bit by a insect, and it is really infected.  He cleans it every night but it is really bad. I told him that we needed to go to the hospital but he said no.  So I just messaged the Zone Leaders and told them about it, in English so he couldn't understand.  They told me that President and Hermana Harbertson would be in Puno on Sunday and we should have them look at it.  So on Sunday they looked at it and told us that we would be going to Cuzco in the morning.  What a bummer really.  All day P-day we were on the bus.  Kind of sucky for us, but, oh well.  We couldn't go to internet cafe yesterday and that is why we are writing today.  He got his blood drawn and we might have to come back in a few weeks if it is really bad.  It has been an adventure.  We were told to pack for 5 days but will be traveling back to Puno tomorrow.

We are working hard and things are really coming along........yeah.  This is pretty much my week!!  Not too much happened really.  I think that the members will start helping better because at the conference they got a hammer thrown down.  They were reprimanded.  So hopefully we get a little more help from the members.

Love Always
Elder George

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