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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A TON - - The Word of the Day

July 21, 2015

This week was a good week!!  Well, if you compare it with the past two weeks, it was good, haha!!  But here we are.  I am learning a ton in the process and that it what it is all about.  If I can change and become a better person, learn to love, this companionship will be a success.

Tuesday, I went on changes with the elders in my district.  They live almost 2 hours away in a little village, but this is one of the prettiest little towns I have ever seen.  It is so calm and everybody is more open to listen to the gospel.  We were walking back from breakfast and somebody pulled over their mototaxi (look it up)
I looked it up this is a random picture from the internet!
and just told us to get in and that he wanted us to teach his family.  Elder Jeffery was a little scared but I told him that we should just go!!!  It was awesome!!  We invited them to be baptized in the first visit and they are going to get baptized next month!!

Wednesday we gave service the whole day!! We try to not do that too often, just service and no knocking doors but it is a form of missionary work also!!  So that is all we did the whole day!!

Thursday, my comp was tired from the service and so I read Jesus the Christ.  That book is really awesome.  I have learned so much about Jesus and his life and it has helped my testimony grow a ton.  I am also reading the Bible dictionary.  That has helped me understand the Bible a ton.  Like a TON!!  Sounds really nerdy I know but if you want to understand the Bible better read the Bible dictionary first - it helps a ton!!

Friday and Saturday were about the same as Thursday and I read a lot.

Sundays are always a good day for me.  A day in which I can feel close to the spirit.  We don't have a temple to go to so I just try to feel the spirit as much as I can during Sacrament meeting.  Sounds weird, I know, but if we have a righteous desire the Lord can do anything,

Love you all to the moon and back!!

Love Elder George

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