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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Girl Gave Me Flowers♥♥♥

July 14, 2015

Well here we are again, one week less that I have in the mission.  It is weird that the more time you have in the mission the more valuable that the time becomes.  You start to say things like, "one day less in the mission" instead of "one day more in the mission."  Well that is if you really understand why you came on a mission.  You start to pray with my love.  You change.  This week was a....week.  What can I say?

Monday we played soccer.  That is what you do in a mission in South America.  Every P-day.  All day for P-day - soccer.
Selfies can be so disturbing.  

Tuesday, we had a goal to find 6 new investigators this week.  So I reminded my companion that we had that goal, and in order to reach our goal, we would have to work pretty dang hard.  So that is what we did...for a few hours.  After a few hours of contacting and such, he was tired and wanted to sleep a little bit more.  I was very thankful for the time he had given and wasn't up for fighting, and so I gave in, and we headed back to the room where I was able to finish the Book of Mormon for the second time in Spanish.  Well yeah, I also read in Alma where they lay down their weapons of war in the ground.  I thought a lot about how we can apply this story to our lives.  We have to do the same with our sins.  We have to bury them really, really, deep in the earth and promise God that we will never take them out.  That is a real repentance. That is how we can become the people that God wants us to become.  Okay, that was really random but, it was something that I really liked from my studies this week.

Wednesday we had a lesson with a investigator that we dont visit that much because he really doesn't want to progress.  He is not willing to do the things that he needs to do.  His wife is a member that is coming back to the chirch. We are basically just his friends. That is what he thinks, so we explained that we are here for a much bigger purpose.  We are here to help people make covenants.  He didn't like that very much, but it is something that you have to do as a missionary, help others understand why you are here.

Thursday we went to the birthday party of a member and ended up staying there practically the whole day.  I was talking to all the people who were not members that where there while my companion was being a Latino and dancing, haha.  We have a few new people to teach this week because of the party and my comp got his dancing in for the week.

Friday I was running around the whole day doing things for the district and trying to get everything ready for zone conference with Elder Black.  He is the other district leader in the zone and we have to teach about unity in zone conference today.  So we spent most of the day planning together.

Calca Peru - I looked it up! ;)
Saturday we went to Calca (look it up online it is beautiful) for an interview.  It is always so sad when you interview someone and they are not ready for baptism.  You have to explain that they just need a little more time to prepare for this covenant.  But you can see the spirit working within them, and when you can help them understand how important it is that they don't just get baptized to be baptized, it is a really special experience if you ask me.  There are not that many people who get to give a baptismal interview.  We have the last say if they get baptized or not.  That is a pretty big responsibility.

Yeah I got flowers from a girl in the mission!
Sunday we went on divisions with a few of the members .  That is always something that I like to do.  You learn a lot about yourself and the member.  It was a good time to just talk and learn.

Nothing too exciting this week maybe I will have something a little different next week!!!

Love you all and know that I am praying for you all!!!

Love Elder George

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