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Monday, June 22, 2015

Sickness and Priesthood Blessings, Temple Dedication, and President Uchtdorf IS IN CUSCO!!!!!

June 22, 2015

Elders George, Alen (the shortest  one in front),
three other elders, and some people who this elder loves!!
Hello, hello, hello!!!  Well here goes our last week before the changes.  Weird stuff!  The changes really do go by so, so, so, fast.  Six weeks has me a little confused and all but what can I do about it, NOTHING!!!  Well, I will just keep working and not let the time get to my head.  Really though it is weird stuff - time!!

This week I got really, really, sick.  Probably more sick than I have ever been in my entire life!!  Monday I was a little sick to my stomach but that is normal and I didn't really give it much attention.  However, Tuesday and Wednesday were really rough for me.  My whole body hurt and I couldn't really move.  The zone leaders came over to our house on Wednesday and told me that if I didn't get better then I would have to go to the doctor on Thursday.  That is something that I really don´t want- - to be in a hospital outside of the USA.  The hospitals are different and kind of gross.  So I had to get better!!!!!!
Elders George and Alen and to be honest I don't know who - - someone
Elder George loves.♥
There was no option.  Then I thought of a priesthood blessing.  We called our word mission leader and he came right over.  My little companion gave me one of the best blessing for health that I have ever received in my whole life.  I was better in no time and we were able to work that night.  I have a strong testimony of the power of the priesthood and the power of God here on earth!!

Thursday we had interviews with President and that is always a really fun experience.  President Harbertson is someone that I believe was put into my life for a reason.  I have learned so very much from him and I know that I will continue to learn more from him through the coming year!  We had a really awesome lesson with one of our less actives.  She has been less active/active.  She will come every now and again but is not even close to active.  Her name is Jenny.  I really like sharing the message of the restoration with less actives.  I like it because they know.  They know that it is true, sometimes they just need help remembering.  She said "Elders, I know that it is true.  I just am not doing what I should."  Hopefully we can help her come back to what she knows is the truth.
Elders Alen and George and once again someone I am sure
Elder George loves!

Friday we couldn't really work too hard because I had to do a bunch of stuff for the district and was running around all day like a headless chicken trying to get everything done.  That is a really good image, huh?  Elder George headless HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Saturday we taught our family!!  Rocky, Dina and their kids.  Dina is a member that is coming back to the church and Rocky isn't a member.  He just doesn't understand why we need to come to church!!  We are praying for and working with him a lot.  All your prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Because they work, I know prayers work.  This Saturday we are having the baptism of their daughter, Carla.  She is so cute.  The other week her family couldn't come to church and we walked in to find little Carla in the chapel, 30 minutes early, all by herself.  I asked her what she was doing and she look back at me and said "You think that I am going to miss a Sunday before or after my baptism? NO!!!!"  Oh how I love Carla!!

Five elders and a Peruvian they love.  I (Gabe's mom) smile
because they have Elder Alen on a chair in the back!

Sunday was the dedication of the temple in Trujillo.  It was a really awesome and spiritual day.  We went to all 3 sessions and were able hear Elder Bednar and Preident Uchtdorf!!  How lucky we are!! Guess what else??  We a have a conference TODAY with PRESIDENT UCHTDORF!!!!!!!!  He is in CUSCO!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Elder George is pretty HAPPY!!!!!! :)

Well there you have the week of Elder George!!

Love you all take care and be safe!!!
Our Elder George is truly blessed to be in Peru.  I do not know the names
of anyone in this picture with the exception of  Elder Gabriel George and
Elder Alen.  But I do know that as this mom kneels in prayer of  gratitude she 
will thank Father for each of these people and all the others her son is
blessed to associate with during this time he has been given to become a
missionary for our Savior Jesus Christ.

Love Elder George

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