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Sunday, May 31, 2015

First Week in Cusco!!!

May 25, 2015

Family and Friends!!!!

A few final pictures of my good friend Elder Garcia and
myself.  I will miss this companion of mine.
He may be short but you know the saying, "Big things come
in small packages!"  That is oh so true of him!

What a week I have had here in Picchu.   I am really happy to be able to serve here in Cusco.  It truly is a blessing.  Things are a little different here.  Everything is a little more organized.  I am having a few difficulties with the Area Book.  It is a complete disaster.  I have had a hard time adjusting to that.  We worked hard in Puno to get our area book up to date and almost perfect and then you get a transfer and the area book is a mess it is a little frustrating. My sister mentioned this frequently about her mission.  She told me numerous times that was the best think I could do for missionaries that followed me into an area.

Elder Alen is a good elder.  We have lots to learn together and we will grow together here in Picchu!!  He is from Lima and he is probably one of the most humble Latinos I have met.  We will get along good but there are always things that you can improve to have a better relationship.  This week I learned that I need to learn more about paciencia (I believe that is patience?!?) - - with everybody.  We had a "lesson" with some seriously less active people this week.  And actually they were basically anti-Mormon.  They had, before the lesson, looked up on the internet things that they could use to try to prove that the Book of Mormon is not true.

They had a lot of things.  I was blessed to have an answer to every single one of their questions and doubts.  The problem is, if someone is looking for the bad in something that is exactly what they will find.  If someone is truly looking for the true church, the somehow they will meet us.  But if someone is looking for the bad in a situation that is what they will find!!  We have to look for the good in everyone.  That is how we can become better people and improve ourselves.

Love Elder George

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