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Monday, November 3, 2014

My THREE Greatest Fears

 November 3, 2015

What a week it has been!  There is soo much that has happened!!  Elder Cueto is better.  Our relationship is starting to grow and he is starting to like me more(I think).  But it has been really good.
What's not to like?
Holy cow!  We have a lot of work to do in the area.  We were left with one investigator that has a Fetcha(date for baptism) and that is all.  It is really hard to build up an area, but we are doing it!!  We went contacting on Tuesday and had honestly had no success.  I contacted 4 poeple.  All in Spanish.  It really wasn´t that hard.  I talked to a lady named Jenny.  She is going to be a really awesome investigator.  We are planning to meet her this week and teach the 1st lesson.  I really really hope that it all works out!!

Elder Cueto had to go to Lima for some visa stuff.  He was gone for 4 days this week so I was with E. Enriquez and Chota.
Elders Chota, Enriques, and George

"When you don't have 3 beds you just make due."
Halloween is pretty crazy down here.  Nobody goes to work and so everybody gets drunk.  Bad stuff!  Bad for us too.  When the old guys here get drunk they get a little crazy and really like fighting.  So the 3 of us are walking to teach one of their investigators and we walk around this corner and this guy is standing there with an empty bottle in one hand and walks right up to me and tells me to give him all my money!!  I wasn´t scared though it was really kind of weird.  He then proceeds to smach the bottle over his head and tries to chase us down.  The only problem was he was WAY drunk.  He decided to take a nap in the middle of the street!!  TIMBER!!!  It was like all those Youtube videos in real life!  We were all laughing for a long time!!

The next day we were walking to teach another one of their investigators.  And keep in mind that we are living in the mountains - there is NO oxygen.  I can never breath.  There is a large problem with dogs; all kinds of dogs - big, little, and crack dogs.  The big crackhead dogs (we have no idea what he means) are the real problem.  We walk around this corner and what looked like a Rottweiler was staring us right in the eyes.  I really was not too scared untill it started to growl.  We then proceeded to back up slowly and RRRRUUUUUNNNNNN!!!  I don´t think that I have ever been so terrified in my life we ran and ran and ran!!  When I couldn´t run anymore I thought of my family and friends that I wanted to see after my mission and ran some more.  SOOOOOOO SCARY!!!  The three thing that I fear are God, hights you can fall from and die, and big fast dogs you have to run from when there is no oxygen!!

Teaching is going really well!  We, like I said, don´t really have investigators but are going to try contacting this evening and  find a few more.  The language is starting to come.  I can´t speak it at all but I understand really really well. A few words here and a few words there and I can get what you are trying to say to me!

We had 42 people at sacrament meeting!!!!!!!!

I love this little black name tag it means so much to me.  I don´t know what I would do without it!!

I hope all is well.

Love Elder George

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