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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Easily The Best Week Yet!

November 10, 2014


This week has been really really good!!  I am feeling so happy and I don't really know why because I am always tired!!  Like really - always - tired!  We work and work and work.  AND when I say work I mean walk!  We have been really trying to find some people to teach - and the way to find is to contact - and the way to contact is to well.....WALK!!  We live on a mountain and so when I say walk I mean HIKE!
This is what a long day of walking and working for the Lord looks like

Puno from one side looking towards the other
 It is so tiring but we are starting to see results which is the BEST!!

So last P-day (the one day of the week given to missionaries write letters home, play soccer, shop, have a little break in "walking" etc.) and there was a big parade.  Their version of a parade is a little different than in the United States.  Elder Heslop, one of my really good friends in the zone, was talking with me when we were at the stake center.  The parade was going by and he said that the parade is all the Victoria Secret model rejects using a lot of energy to walk down the street.  Everybody was drunk and it was impossible to do anything so all the companionship hung out at the Stake Center all day.  Really good P-Day though!

We have a mission goal to contact 12 families a week, per companionship.  THAT IS A TON!!!!  We contacted 3 this week and we literally talked to every family we saw.  The most awesome contact of the week was a little family who literally has nothing; they are so humble and nice.  I love them!  Hermano Luis is really interested and his wife is too.  It is PERFECT!  Hermana Isabel was sitting down on the road with 6 or 7 HUGE bags of potatoes and was dividing the bags into smaller bags so that they could hike up the big hill to were their house while hauling the potatoes.  We simply asked if we could help them in any way and they insisted that they were fine.  We knew they could use help so we proceeded to pick up half a bag of potatoes and carry it up the mountain.  We continued to make trips until all the potatoes were at their house.  They were so grateful and wanted to pay us.  We told them they way they could "pay" us was to listen to a message we wanted to share with them that could change their lives.  They willingly accepted and we taught them yesterday.  The lesson was perfect.  They were so happy when they found out that they could pray and not say a recited prayer.  They could ask for blessings that they needed and show their gratitude for that which they have.  It is really hard to find a time to teach them though because Hermano Luis is always working, because they have so little.  He has 3 jobs in order to keep his little family afloat.  We will figure something out!

Andres was supposed to be baptized this Saturday and we went to go visit him on Thursday.  He didn't seem like his normal self.  When we asked him if he was okay he told us that his girlfriend dumped him.  CRAP!! (Although he probably learned this word from me, his mother, I really don't like him using this word!  Especially as a missionary!)  But we were able to work things out and he is planning on the 22 of September!  Hopefully something bad doesn't happen again!  I have faith that it won´t.

10 DOGS!  This guy that lives on a hill owns 10 huge dogs.  They are terribly scary!  We were walking along minding our own business when they started to chase us off what later we found out was this guys property.  The owner of the dogs just sat there and watched as we ran for our lives!  The owner called the dogs back after about 200 yards and just proceeded to laugh at how scared we were.  What a jerk!

The language is starting to come!  I can understand just about anyone.  I have been studying so so so so hard.  I felt like I wasn't really improving at all - but the other day it all kind of started coming together.  I still make lots of mistakes but it is starting to come.  It is really hard to explain if you have learned another language.  If you have you will probably understand exactly what I mean!

I´m happy and the work in good!  Today Elder Cueto and I marked all of the changes and that was crazy to see how fast time goes.  I feel like yesterday I was in the Idaho Falls Airport with my awesome family giving hugs goodbye!!
♥Three very sad little girls saying goodbye to the brother they love♥

 But the Work is coming along great!!!

Finally here is a list of 10 things I miss in no particular order.

Cold drinks (everything here is hot)
Hot showers - all the time
A car
American Food!!

Love Elder George!

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