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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Every Emotion in the Book!

November 17, 2014

What a week it has been!  I have experienced just about every emotion in the book this week!  I don´t know why, but it has been kind of a crazy week!  We are working so hard to build up this sector.  When we arrived we had one "investigator" and to be honest we really aren't too sure about him.  We are working so hard with Andres and still nothing really seems to be going our way!  He came across a documentary on CCN about Joseph Smith and decided to look into it more on the internet!  Why?  I don´t know -  - well I do, it's because Satan will do everything in his power to stop somebody from being baptized!

So yeah we have been working really hard in this area of ours to find people.  That is really, really, hard when your ward is not super helpful and won't help by giving  referrals.  Still we have knocked on sooo many doors and are starting to find people.  First, Yessica.  She is really awesome, she won´t bring her kids to the lessons and her husband doesn't want anything to do with the church.  However, she is really progressing.  She asks so many questions because she has family members who are active members which helps and she is really curious.  She didn't like me at the beginning because I don't really say much.  She didn't know I was a new missionary and just thought that I didn't like her or something.  When she was asking about missions she asked how long we serve for and what not. Then we talked about our lives and how long we had been out.  When she found out that I was still pretty new she felt really bad and cooked us this way good.....I don´t know what it was but she owns a restaurant and so it was safe.

Another family we are teaching is Luis and Isabel.  They are progressing but it is still really hard to visit their whole family because Luis is always working.  So we are trying to find him a job that will allow us to teach their who family at the same time!

This week I got really sick for about 2 days.  We would still go walk all day and work all day but I felt TERRIBLE!!!  One night I didn't get much sleep because the whole night I spent......well not sleeping!  It was the worst.  I finally had the bright idea to ask for a blessing.  My testimony of the power of the priesthood and of the gift of tongues was strengthened.  I understood every word of the blessing and started to feel better later that day!!

Oh my, I have lost weight and all my pants are starting to feel really really big - -  hahah!!  Our pensionista thinks that it is really funny and piles the food for me because she thinks that I am not healthy.

One thing that I hate down here is something called Chuno.  It is potatoes.  Not just any potatoes.  First you dig us the potatoes and take them to a some place that they can rot.  Let them rot for a long time, like wine the longer they rot the "better" they are!  MY HEAVENS!!  Let them rot for a long time and then put then in running  water to wash out all the bugs and "nasty" germs.  Then you serve them in soup or plain.  Not as bad in soup but TERRIBLE plain.  So is my life in Peru!

We have been having a lot of problems with robbers down here.  They other night we heard someone and they were trying to break into the house next to ours.  The next morning we went over to the church and somebody had broken all the glass windows in the church and so we spent the whole day cleaning us broken glass in the church.

Elder Cueto is becoming one of my good friends here!  One night this week we were talking about the beginning of his mission.  He said in the CCM he was always happy and never really had any problems, but once he got out into the field it was different.  He said that for the first 2.5 weeks he cried every night.  He then asked me how my first 2 week were.  I was pretty honest.  Told him that they sucked pretty bad, that couldn't understand anybody and he wasn't really all that patient.  I said it in English and realized that he couldn't understand what I was saying.  So I just asked him how much harder would it have been if he couldn't understand anything.  He told me he was proud to have me as his "hijo."  Son of the mission and that I would make a great missionary!

I love it here and my testimony has grown so much!  I love the people and the kids are SOOOOOOO cute!  I love when, in sacrament meeting, one of the little kids comes and sits by me!  There is this huge hill where a lot of kids ride their scooters up and down.  Whenever Elder Cueto and I pass we buy a little thing of oreos and give one to each of them!  They love us and they all come to church now.  Not because of the oreos but because they never had anybody they felt like loved them and wanted them at church.  They think it is funny when I talk in English to them and always ask me for different words in English.  They think white skin is funny and love that I am taller than 5 foot nothing!!

Much Love Elder George!

This was something that he sent to his Dad!  They worked the last couple weeks pouring concrete from a pump much like the ones in the pictures.
Not going to lie, when I saw this I teared up a little bit.  No matter what I said, I really did love those days where it was just you and me!  We were not always golfing, but I will forever cherish the memories that we made the last few weeks before I left!  I felt like our relationship grew a lot and that. . . well I don't exactly know but it was always good for me to just be with you!

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