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Monday, December 22, 2014

Dogs, Drunks, and Six Weeks in the Field

December 1, 2014

Another week!?!  So time is  crazy in the mission because we will work and work and work and then it is P-day and I get to write my family.  I feel like just yesterday I was in this gross little shack writing another letter. ;)

I just finished my first change in the field and what a 6 weeks that is had been!!  I have learned so much and my testimony is so much stronger!!  My companion, Elder Cueto, is from Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

So I was reading in the Bible and I read a scripture that I love so much!!! It is in Matthew 19:26!!  I love it, go read it!  "But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all thing are possible."

Any ways the work is going really good.  We contacted this family in the street and the mom's name is Virginia.  She is so awesome.  We taught them the night that we contacted them.  She loves the fact that you could say a prayer and really talk to Heavenly Father, not just say the same repeated things over and over.  She was more than happy to say the prayer at the end of the lesson.  She didn´t come to church but two of her little boys came.  They love us and they loved church so that is good.  Our other investigator that is coming along really well is Maritza.  She has been to church twice but hasn´t committed to baptism yet even though she tells us that she knows that is it true.  Soon, I can tell.  I will just keep praying for her.

We have problems with dogs like everyday.  The other day we were just walking down this path, definitely can´t call it a road, when we heard 10 or 12 dogs running and barking.  At first I wasn´t worried at all because what is new really here?  But after about 20 seconds I got a little nervous. We turned around, and you know how in the movies when there is a bunch of dust following fast moving objects, well I got to see that in real life.  Something new right.  But WOW.  Yeah we threw a lot of rocks and ran a little and in the end only dog got to us.  Perfect way to end a day.

Elder Cueto and Me
We had some problems with drunks this week too.  One tried to fight us.  Elder Cueto was ready and told me if it happened again he would take care of him because he didn´t want his little baby to get hurt.  He loves having a white "hijo."  I am his "son" in the mission and he is my "dad" in the mission.  He love that I am white.

I am a little sad today because one of my friends from the CCM, who I really love and  that was in my area when home.  He hated the mission and the language.  It was really really hard for him.  But who isn´t the mission hard for right?  The Zone Leaders gave me his package that came today and I felt really bad opening it and seeing the pictures his family had sent him and all the things.  I emailed him hopefully he will get it and feel of my love for him.  He really is a great guy and I am blessed because he was with me in the CCM.  He will always be my friend!

We are working hard and are seeing the blessings of it!!

Love you all keep praying for me I can feel of you love and support the 8000 miles away!!:)

Much love,

Elder George!!

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