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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2 Week to Race Read the Book of Mormon

October 8, 2014

HOLY COW!!!!  This week has seriously been so dang good!  General Conference was honestly the best thing since we have been here.  I love listening to revelation from our prophets.  Anyway, I will start with the beginning of the week.  On the first, our afternoon teacher had us do this exercise to get us motivated again.  He has said that a few of us are really looking like we are not having fun, mad at the language (which we are), and want to leave (which I don't).  I know that I am not always the happiest here, but I don´t think that I look that bad really.  He had us all close our eyes and draw a picture in our head of 10 people back at home.  He had us do that for at least 15 minutes, just all sit there in silence dreaming about home pretty much.  Then he had us all imagine the people of Cuzco and what we wanted to get out of our mission.  He then told us about his life and mission.  It really made me excited for the field.  It is crazy to think that in a few SHORT weeks I will be serving the people of Peru!!!!!  It gave me that spark back.!!!  He also showed us a video called Missionary Work and the Atonement.  It is such an awesome video.  It talks about how hard the mission is going to be, President Eyring and Elder Holland do a great job!!!  I would advise you to watch it.  It has made my days here sooo much better since we got to watch that video.  Also, a really good Mormon message is Mountains to Climb!

At the beginning of the week we got our new morning teacher.  He was sooo awesome.  Almost as good as Hermano Ruiz.  His name was Hermano Salcedo.  He has really good English but will never use it in the classroom.  Definatly a good thing.  We all had to piece together these sentences that make no sense in Spanish but he figures out what we are saying.  The other teachers took Hermano Salcedo and put him with the new kids that came in last night.  They think because he speaks English that he needs to be with the new missionaries.  Our district is going through teachers sooo fast.  They gave us two sister teachers which is really good.  It calms some of the other Elders down a lot.  Neither of the sisters speak any English.  It is SOOO different.

I can understand Spanish!! When we go out for P-day I always get to choose where we go as a companionship becasue E. Ard isn't too sure what anybody is saying.

So what do you know?  More high school drama in District 105.  The boys here are sooo dramatic and I grew up with 4 sisters!!!  So like I've mentioned before, E. Harris, E. Belliston, E. Larkin and I pretty much best friends.  We do everything together.  This is what sparked it all.  During conference we were in the big hall/auditorium type place and there were no tables or desks to write on.  So I asked E. Ard if he wanted to go sit in front where I saw a table we could pull up to write on.  He said he would rather not.  So then I asked E. Belliston if he wanted to come with me.  He said sure so we just went to the front row and pulled up a table.  E. Harris and E. Larking joined us.  At the end of conference we all went to the back to meet the rest of our district.  They were all in a room talking about how we do everything together and how big of a problem we are.  However, we are the ones who are working the hardest to learn Spanish and I really think it shows.  They all approached us like we were the biggest problem in the district.  They said that we need to pretty much stop being friends.  I told them all that wasn´t going to happen and our district had lots worse problems - like respect.  One of the guys went to president who called me into his office.  I wasn´t worried because I had done nothing wrong.  He was sooo funny about it.  He pretty much told me that he gets an email form our teachers daily and that none of us, the 4 best friends, had ever made the email.  He wasn´t worried and told me to have a good day.  All the other guys were so offended when I wouldn´t tell them what President said.  But it was better to just keep it to myself.

E. Belliston and I were talking the other day during personal study, we were talking about the Book of Mormon.  He is really good at Spanish, he took 4 years before the mission, so he was reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish.  I have been trying to read it in Spanish, and can piece together what it is saying.  I just didn´t feel like I was getting out of it what I need to.  I feel like I don´t know the scriptures that well.  E. Belliston said he felt the same way.  So we got on the topic of trying to read the whole Book of Mormon before we left the CCM in English.  We both then decided that that was literally insane.  With all of the other thing we have to be studying and learning we felt like there was no way.  The next morning we were talking and I told him I prayed about it, he said he had too.  I told him I felt like we should really try to finish it, he said he felt the same way.  So it began the race to the end of the Book of Mormon with little free time in just over 2 weeks.  I found out that it is very do-able.  I feel like when I read faster I get more out of it.  I can piece things together that I have never seen before.  The way the stories work within each other is sooo cool!!!

Another group of Elders left yesterday and I am really sad.

One of my FAVORITES!!!  Elder Rodriguez!
 I have grown to love a lot of them.  You can really come to love people who you meet so fast.  I really do miss them already but they were all WAY ready to get out of this place.  I am too ready to try to survive in the real world of Peru!!!

Much Love
Elder George

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